between seen and unseen


between seen and unseen 

part of DESIGNART TOKYO 2022
21 Oct. – 30 Oct. 2022
Hz Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

lights, mirrors by messagingleaving  
poems by osanaihikari
special thanks to ann (fruit hotel taipei)

Image 1/3/4/7 credits: Tang Tsung Chieh
Image 2/6 credits: Fani Atmanti

New collections, Half Moon lighting series and Bluing Mirror, were first revealed during DESIGNART TOKYO 2022. Experimenting on brass and stainless steel with varied manufacturing methods, the collections uncover diverse expressions of metal materials, and explore a theme of "reflection" — the reflection of light, and the reflection of sight.

The title "between seen and unseen" draws on the poem from Japanese poet Osanai Hikari's book "You Can See a Lake from the Observatory Made of Jewels." For this exhibition, she composed new verses and lines that perhaps bring out other approaches to perceptions.

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首次發表作品 Half MoonBluing Mirror,分別以黃銅和不鏽鋼為媒材、實驗不同的製作工藝,並將加工過程中產生的質感紋理作為創作的主體,藉以展現金屬材料的多樣化表現。兩個系列在截然不同的功能下,共同呼應著 「反射」 的主題 ─ 光的反射、視覺的反射。

展覽標題〈between seen and unseen〉取自日本詩人小內光 osanaihikari 的詩集 《宝石の展望台から湖が見える》 (2022年,英譯 野村如未)。



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