Half Moon

Half Moon wall lamp
brass, e14 bulb, H.6 x W.23 x D.11.5 cm

Half Moon pendant light
brass, blacken brass, e14 bulb, H.5 x W.21 x D.21 cm

Half Moon table/wall lamp
brass, blacken brass, e14 bulb, H.24 x W.15.5 x D.6 cm

Illustrating the close relationship between the metalworking technique, the form, and the functionality of the lights, the Half Moon series comprises a wall lamp, pendant light, and table lamp elaborated with varied features and usages in the spaces. Made of sheer brass, the series takes shapes through hammering repeatedly. Due to the tender and malleable nature of the brass, the flat sheet is stretched and formed into a volume with spatial quality, which is folded into three types of structures afterward.

The design brings into full play the gleaming reflection of the dimpled lampshade owing to the raising process. The intuitive and asymmetry atmosphere is captured in the outcome of daily necessities indicating the charm of the sculpture. While the wall lamp casts the light upon a wall directly, the table lamp and pendant lamp contain an illuminated face in blackened brass, on which the ripples are relieved against the obscured surface. The Half Moon series is at the intersection where light and shadow are simultaneously spotted, probing into the ambiguity of lightness and darkness.

The series gives weight to creative aspirations to blend human knowledge and craftsmanship into products. With the complete study of the brass and its relevant treating technique, the design evolves naturally following the material properties, physical principles, and lighting phenomena. The hammering shape and blacked texture retain the unique expression of such traditional material, while the unconventional structures and design details adapt the outcome to a contemporary context.

Half Moon series is handcrafted in Taiwan. Bespoke customization is available. For inquiries and sales please email info@messagingleaving.com

Photo: Zih-Sin Jian

看見光,也意味著看見陰影;呈現陰影,亦是呈現光。Half Moon 由材質及製作工藝之探索為起點,將金屬鍛敲的自然紋理,應用於桌燈、壁燈和吊燈系列照明,映出製作工藝與成品形式的緊密關聯。


全系列以手工鍛敲製作,接受訂單與客製需求,作品型錄、售價與其他細節請聯繫 info@messagingleaving.com


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