Sequence 03 - 07

Sequence 03: Bow
Stainless Steel, Formosa Acacia (台灣相思木), Stone
H.3 x W.33 cm

Sequence 04: Swing
Stainless Steel, Formosa Acacia (台灣相思木), Stone
H.22 x W.17 x D.5 cm

Sequence 05: Feather
Stainless Steel, Formosa Acacia (台灣相思木), Stone
H.16 x W.14 x D.2 cm

Sequence 06: Twin
Stainless Steel, Maple Wood, Stone
H.25 x W.28 x D.12 cm

Sequence 07: Spring Board
Stainless Steel, Maple Wood, Stone
H.18 x W.12 x D.2.5 cm

Pure like physics. Sequence is an ongoing sculptural collection as the subsequent result following its study. The intention of these structures is not to underline their functionality, but to highlight the nature of their own presence.

The stainless steel board demonstrates its high plasticity and flexibility. With the polished finish reflecting the surroundings, it acquires a space-defining meaning. Stone provides a sense of hardness and simultaneously serves as a counterweight. Wood has good supportive properties which allow it to counteract gravity and tension, while its strength differs in different thickness.

In these structures, all parts are unfixed yet acting on each other. Their physical properties allow them to achieve a balance and dynamic stability without extra glue or pins, eliciting energy in the form of movement.

The confrontation seems intuitive, yet all the connecting details — which are also the essential points where energy gathers — are carefully designed and treated. Within the purest structure, a deeper, more detailed landscape reveals.

Photo: Tsai Shi Fan

純粹如物理自然。以結構練習為基礎,Sequence 為一系列進行中的木、石、不鏽鋼雕塑作品。這些結構並非追求功能上意義,而在於頌揚物質特性:材料本身的性質在擺放之中,相互成為別有意義的存在。





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