Imprint is a collection of burnt rolling pins and pastry boards for dough shaping. Studying the Japanese technique "Yakisugi", I am interested in bringing charred wood figures into cooking wares where material beauty echo with human gestures and the object itself. The design takes up references from Mediterranean cuisine culture as pasta and gnocchi are of the essence, and the outcome adopts a way for imprinting the patterns on the dough — as if making the bark with pastry.

For Local Ware: Cooking Edition
Curated by OROS & initial initiatives

Photo credit: Tsai Shi Fan

重新發掘日本的燒杉(焼き杉)工藝,Imprint 為系列桿麵棍和塑型板提案,結合烹飪過程當中桿平、搓揉麵團的手部動作,讓木材在深度炭化後更顯突出的紋理,完整翻轉木紋於麵皮之上。


此次使用台灣原生的台灣杉(Taiwania),是台灣為屬名的唯一樹種,意義上彌足珍貴,再揉合地中海文化,兩處地理區域交會更契合著 Local Ware 之主題。


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