aged diffuser mobile: Orbit Collection

Designed and handcrafted for the lifestyle brand aged, Orbit Collection is a set of diffuser mobile containing two different types — ‘Planet’ and ‘Meteor.’

Playing with the elasticity, the weight, and the tension provided by the confrontation between brass strips, ceramics, and wires, the mobiles obtain the spontaneous form in suspension. All materials in use are closely related, which brings out their natural quality in the simplicity of structure.

The ceramic components are low-temperature fired, serving as aroma stones with a few drops of essential oil. Following the wind, Orbit Collection elicits fragrance within every movement.

Available at aged online shop 
Photo: Zih-Sin Jian

為生活風格品牌 aged 開發擴香掛飾 Orbit Collection 軌跡系列,分為〈Planet 行星〉和〈Meteor 流星〉兩款懸吊型態,全系列手工製作。



Orbit Collection 於 aged 網站及實體空間限量販售。


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