Vannfall provides a peek into the hidden relation between the intention of a prototyping process and the result of the mass-produced goods.

The initial master model of a water jug - hemp strings covered in plaster ─ was made by hands. Its incomplete textures were fully scanned into three-dimensional data, which is then used to make the metal tooling for the following blown glass and injection molding. All the intuitive, haptic decisions were captured from the initial material to the final glass work.

Photo credit: Nedre Foss
Work accomplished with Jin Kuramoto Studio

Vannfall 將原型製作過程當中不完美的魅力,保留進量化的產品之中,明白映照出兩者間的關聯性。

產品最初的原型由手工製作,頗具實驗性:首先,將金屬線凹折出框架,由麻繩纏繞,並塗上水溶性纖維土。此手製模型接著以 3D 相機進行掃描,將轉出的數據用於製作後續玻璃使用的金屬模具。最後,採用吹製玻璃和注塑相結合的方式,讓過程當中所有直觀的、觸感的思考痕跡,轉換至每一件工業量產的製品上。


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