Useless Machine

The idea of the 'useless machine' was first implemented by the Italian artist Bruno Munari. He built several kinetic compositions, intending them to be thought of as machines because they were composed of movable parts that produced goods of a spiritual kind.

This useless machine originates from Munari's extensive view of how a 'machine' would function. It resembles a Sisyphean task — a magnetic ball is triggered by a sweep-second hand for an upward climb, yet it rolls back to the same place every time it nears the top. With no utilitarian purpose, the repetition of this machine is the very meaning, be it so laborious and futile.

For Bridge Hole by Off-Site
Photo & Video: Tsai Shi Fan



1 無用機器的想法最早追溯自義大利藝術家 Bruno Munari,他製作了多個懸吊的幾何圖塊,堅稱它們如機器般作用,只是通過純粹藝術語言而非量化的生產指標。


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