Sequence 01: Cone
H.39 x W.44 x D.10 cm

Sequence 02: Roll
H.45 x W.80 x D.15 cm

Sequence 03: Bow
H.100 x W.82 x D.4-80 cm (up to the rotation)
The dimension doesn't include the suspending stone.

Pure like physics.

Sequence is a series of sculptures as the subsequent result following the study of Mono. The intention is not to underline the functionality of these structures being created, but to highlight the nature of their own presence.

The stainless steel board demonstrates its high plasticity and flexibility. With the polished finish reflecting the surroundings, it acquires a space-defining meaning. Stone provides a sense of hardness and simultaneously serves as a counterweight for the dynamic balance. Wood has good supportive properties which allow it to counteract gravity and tension, while its strength differs in different thickness.

In Sequence 01: Cone / Sequence 02: Roll / Sequence 03: Bow, all parts are unfixed yet acting on each other. Their intrinsic physical properties allow them to achieve a fragile balance and dynamic stability without extra glue or pins, eliciting energy in the form of movement.

The confrontation seems intuitive, yet all the connecting details — which are also the essential points where energy gathers — are carefully designed and treated. Within the purest structure, a deeper, more detailed landscape reveals.

Metal artisan: Jiacheng Zhang


Sequence 以結構練習 Mono 為基礎,衍為一系列以木、石、不鏽鋼板構成的雕塑作品,並非追求結構的功能意義,而在於頌揚不同材料本身的物質特性;這些性質在彼此之間相互產生了一種別有意義的存在。


Sequence 01: Cone / Sequence 02: Roll / Sequence 03: Bow 之中的所有物件都處於不固定的狀態,卻非孤立存在。當力量自然聚散,材料間的物理特性讓三者自然構成恆定,無需膠或釘,在靜態中依然具有流動意象。

物件的組合看似直覺,然而所有的材料交會細節 — 亦為無形能量之集合點 — 皆被周密而別具心裁地設計。在純粹的結構裡,展現著更深層的細部風景。


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