Scalloping Series

Scalloping Series studies the ancient handicraft of the barkcloth making and explores further modalities of this gradually ceased craftsmanship. The barkcloth, also known as Tapa, is a type of cloth made of bark fibers or inner bark strips of mulberry trees. Through a process of soaking and beating, the bark is enlarged to produce thin fibrous sheets of cloth primarily for everyday needs and ceremonial uses across Oceania.

Based on the corresponding characteristics of each piece of barkcloth, different techniques were applied. Each item retains the original structure of a branch and parts of its raw surface connecting to the wooden handle. 

Final results are a range of fans and brooms elaborating with varied shapes and textures. Scalloping Serie — made of sheer mulberry branches with reconfigured bark and sticks — develops forms derived from floral motifs which intend to reveal natural states of the raw fiber.

Photo: James Teng

Scalloping Series 探究樹皮布(Tapa)這項屬於南島的古老工藝技術。以桑科植物、特別是構樹構樹皮為原料,經過浸泡、捶打使之柔軟,延伸成非紡織的纖維布料,是南島語族慶典中極具代表的物質文化。




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