SAWAA: Primary Vessel

‘Water Form’ 〈水像〉
stainless steel, H.34 x W.200 x D.87 cm

‘Faces in Sand’ 〈沙面〉
ceramics, 4 pieces in varied dimensions

“Primary Vessel”  refers to the body as an initial form to attain experience beyond our language. In September 2021, messagingleaving and SAWAA together curated an exhibition merging art installation and dance to explore how skin awakes an intuitive nature in our body.

'Water Form'
A two-meter-long stainless steel sculpture lies in silence. Ripples appear to linger just beneath the surface of the water, blurring the boundaries of external and internal, of real and illusion. Depending on the viewer’s position and light conditions, the interaction between light and perception mirrors a reflection of our own inner selves and external world.

'Faces in Sand'
Four ceramics sculptures in varying shapes and sizes symbolize the interaction of sand and the tide. Simple lines and clean textures remind us of earth while the impressions seem to be remnants of human touch. The memories we make, created through touch, imprint on our deepest consciousness.

Ceramics: Yu Chien, Hsien Tse Chen
Metalworking: Jiacheng Zhang
Dance performance: Celine Lin
Photographer: Yueh Chu
Assistants: Lio Hu, Liu Fang Yu
Graphic Designer: Sue 

SAWAA 2021 週年企劃展 《Primary Vessel 初形》 攜手 messagingleaving 共同策劃,將潮汐之地的沙與水提煉為原型,藉不鏽鋼裝置與陶質雕塑,讓自然的面貌與人為的意念相結合,並交付身體為最純粹的載體,指向蘊養萬物的自然之源。




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