Neolithic Collection

Neolithic Collection is a form study in the decorative elements and symbols carried within historical objects. Inspired by Neolithic artifacts and iconography in the National Taiwan Palace Museum, the project embedded abstract spirits of animal figures in functional practices, thus highlighted the modernity of them.

In collaboration with the porcelain factory at Yingge, an artistic town in northern Taiwan specialized in ceramics.

Photo credit: A New Layer II
Work accomplished with Jin Kuramoto Sudio

由國立臺灣工藝研究發展中心發起的「新層次」計畫作品,靈感來自於台灣故宮博物院所藏之新石器時代文物,Neolithic Collection研究歷史器物中所承載的裝飾元素和符號形式,試圖將動物形象與抽象精神,與日常物件的功能性融合,從而凸顯它們的現代性。



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