Inspired by the triangular totem of the Tafalong tribe of Pangcah, the installation plays with the wire, the weight of the stone, and the gravity to construct a top-to-bottom hanging system. Seventeen marble rods, corresponding to the seventeen classes of the tribe, are obtained and manufactured from the place. The lightweight weaving, transforming the details of bamboo and rattan artifacts, is co-created with the artisan Rongac Ciwku. By adopting “Mitorik (weaving)” as the technique, locally available materials as threads, and craftsmanship as the shuttle, the work aims to unveil the cultural significance of Tafalong.

Display installation for Tafalong Center
Debut exhibition curated by Aterier YenAn
Photo 1, 7–13 by Aterier YenAn
Photo 4–5 by Robert Chang Chien

受沿岸製作委託,為太巴塱文物館首檔展覽創作展示裝置〈Mitorik 編織〉。由太巴塱阿美族的圖騰發想,將宇宙、祖靈與和諧的象徵符號,發展為線型的三角結構、石棒的圓形端面之視覺語彙。十七件石棒對應著部落的十七個階層,由上至下的懸吊結構亦表達社會階級之意象。

石材取用花蓮產出的黑大理石,而相對輕巧的竹籐層編,則與部落工藝師 Rongac Ciwku 李美嘉共同創作,透過日常器物的細節轉化,聚焦材質的自然肌理。盼以 「Mitorik」 為方法,在地物料為線,而製作技藝為梭,引向太巴塱的部落神話及文化記憶。


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