Through folding, bending, rolling the foam material, simple yet symbolic shape is naturally formed, which becomes the seating area and the backrest of the easy chair. Maki can be used to work, rest, meet and wait ─ as a lone icon or together in different formations under the modular system. The form offers active, flexible seating along with the comfortability.

The whole piece is fully upholstered in fabric with a thin metal frame rolled and covered with molded cold foam. Its unconventional shape is one of the most challenging task meeting the highest craftsmanship.   

Photo credit: OFFECCT
Work accomplished with Jin Kuramoto Sudio

彎曲、捲起,軟材自然形成了簡單而強烈的視覺語言,成為一張安樂椅的座面和靠背。 Maki (日文 捲之意) 可單張獨立或模組化並置,在公共空間提供靈活的使用型態,也帶來了舒適性。



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