Harvesting Every 30 Years

Site-specific installation Harvesting Every 30 Years speaks to the developmental context of forestry around the area. The tittle indicates that growing trees is similar to growing vegetables; the only difference is that the former requires thirty years to harvest, which alludes to the idea of sustainable utilization of forest resources.

The work comprises six towering wooden modules that realize the concept of whole-tree utilization. The top and bottom frames are made of cedar wood, while all the vertical pieces are the leftover sapwood of the wood industry. When the modules join together, the segments of bark restore to a tree in its complete diameter as if being planted in rows, which reproduces the artificial forestry scenery. 

For Romantic Route 3 Land Art Festival
Zone curator: Hsin Feng
Work installed with Chaiwood
Photo 5–9 by Studio Millspace


與台大實驗林管理處木材利用實習工廠合作,第二屆浪漫台三線藝術季作品 〈只是收成三十年〉取人造林的木料並全材利用,以杉木邊皮材及規格材構成單元;當彼此相接,每段樹皮逐漸圍繞出完整樹徑,還原成一片林地的連續風景,引以記敘台三線林業的發展脈絡。


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