Growing a Blade of Grass

1.2 m in width, 1.5 m in depth, and 3 m in height, Growing a Blade of Grass is a collaborative work made up of 714 glass units that together form a surface with different shades of green color.

Taking traditional plant subjects as the theme, we invited six glass lampworking artisans from two local associations in Hsinchu City to work on the same motif — a blade of grass. Each piece is apparently identical, yet actually unique. The twist and turn reflect the temperament of the maker, while the use of tones incorporates one's aesthetic preference.

With the link structure on both ends inspired by the curled shape in botanical glass art, all the glass units are connected into parallel strings. In a massive and repetitive dimension, the uniqueness of the individual assembles a shared landscape, free and prosperous as the wilderness.

Installation for Glasspedia
2022 Hsinchu City Glass Art & Design Festival
Photo 1 by Yuchen Chao Photography

受邀參與2022年新竹市玻璃設計藝術節 《透明大百科》 之展區創作,裝置作品〈如同原野〉以714件葉片單元,譜出一面寬1.3公尺、高3公尺、深1.5公尺的共榮風景,於透明之中展現玻璃的絢麗性質。


線條首尾的環狀結構,取玻璃藝品中葉形的捲曲末端為靈感,以此將不同師傅所製作的草葉單元相互串起,懸吊出一片深淺不一的綠,在龐大而重複的維度中彰顯出「個體的獨特性」 以及 「群體的共生力量」,自由繁盛,如同原野。


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