As if the melting snow trickles through the valley, pours into the rivers and finally reaches the lake, Drop is a minimal sculpture exploring the unpredictable journey of water ─ how it rolls, divides and merges into highly mobile shapes.

Water is ever-changing. However, within a drop, you can feel the time gets frozen and encased in this tiny sphere. It is an essence of the fluid substance; a capture of the ephemeral moment. Every turn is unpredictable.

Taking the landscape as an inspiration, Drop is made of noble white marble with paths engraved on top. The piece transforms mountain shapes into a well-organized form, seeking the beauty out of the precision.

Drop is the winning project of 2021 La Prairie x Ecal Award
Special thanks to Sabine Marcelis
Photo & Video: Younès Klouche

2021年,瑞士高端保養品牌 La Prairie 與瑞士洛桑藝術大學 ECAL 攜手合作,由 《Wallpaper》 2020年度設計師 Sabine Marcelis 帶領,設立永恆之美藝術獎,支持新銳藝術家和設計師。首屆計畫由台灣設計師張家翎以 Drop 贏得獎項。

由水滴開始,展開一段無法預知的旅程,猶如融雪涓滴至河谷,再川流而下至湖泊,Drop 為歌頌瑞士自然的哲思之作。


水無定形,然而,凝視單顆水滴,卻感覺時間彷彿凍結於這微小的球體中。當它由頂端冒出,受重力牽引,滑落弧形水路,下一秒卻不可預期:它會左轉或是向右?會匯集或是分散?在屏息凝望間,下一顆水珠又旋即湧出,週而復始Drop 欲呈現水流動的本質,亦是對於短暫瞬間的一次深刻捕捉。


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