Bluing Mirror

The kind of color that does not exist by itself but only when it is casted between two moving objects —
The color like a remaining stain of illusion on a moving object —
The color that only happens when movements cut the air in a certain way and go immediately.
Use such color to tint your absent thoughts.
Have absent thoughts for a long time.
Text excerpt from “Color Piece”, Grapefruit: A Book of Instructions and Drawings by Yoko Ono

Bluing Mirror series looks into the effects of the thermal treatment known as “bluing.” With the heat applied to stainless steel, the color of the surface changes from bright yellow to red-brown and then purple before it settles to a deep blue, ending up in a gray and light blue mixture.
Yet the blue does not really “exist.” It is formed by a thin layer of oxidation on the surface which changes the angle of light reflected to produce colors. There is a special depth in such blue as if you are looking through a window, and beyond it is an ocean of blue, a galaxy, or the color that only stays in one’s mind.

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Image 07 - 10 credit: Zih-Sin Jian

那種顏色本身並不存在,直到它被投射於兩個移動的物體之間 —
那顏色就像移動體上所殘留的幻覺 —
文字摘自小野洋子 《Grapefruit: A Book of Instructions and Drawings》 的〈Color Piece〉

Bluing Mirror 實驗金屬發藍工藝,一種表面的熱處理手法。隨著火烤的溫度變化,不鏽鋼的表面顏色從明亮的金黃色變成紅褐色,接著轉為紫色與深藍色,最終形成灰與淺藍的混合調。如此顏色的轉變往往發生於一瞬,彷彿以火作畫般,讓顏色如墨水暈散。


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