Alcoh(o)’clock Bottle Opener

They are not technically bottle openers. These objects experiment on how a sculptural creation shapes human gesture in reverse. The organic contours evoke spontaneous responses — how to grip, apply force, and remove the cap for leverage. Each person can have their way of using it.

The master models were initially sculpted in clay, followed by the corresponding wax models for lost-wax casting.

Designed and handcrafted for Slow Food Design as part of “distraction!” project by dan and sean 
Sculpture: messagingleaving
Metalworking: Jiacheng Zhang
Photo & Video: Tsai Shi Fan

為等向團隊 distraction! 展覽開發食物設計師陳小曼的周邊商品 Alcoh(o)’clock,不是嚴格意義上的開瓶器,而是實驗形體如何反向塑造手部動作的雕塑物件。這些有機樣貌引發不同的直觀反應,影響人們對於握法、施力、槓桿的認知。每個人都能擁有屬於自己的使用方式。



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