Afternoon Rain

Afternoon Rain employs modular pieces of woven glass to define the wall space, incorporating the shadow and the reflections of the glass within the composition. The outlines of the units connect with one another, breaking through the boundaries of horizontals and verticals. The undulations formed through the glass fusing suggest an illusion of depth – the foreground and background exist on the same plane, rays of light and rain threads passing by the window frame one after the other, the sequence of time, movement frozen into shadows.

Glass produced by Spring Pool Glass
Photo 4–5 © ss space space (Chungpin Wang)

Afternoon Rain 以編織玻璃的模組單元勾勒牆面空間,將余白和疊影引入畫面,劃開水平與垂直的分野。玻璃因燒熔所形成的抑揚頓挫,暗示著景深的錯覺;是遠景和近景存在於同一維度,是光線和雨絲前後繞過窗櫺,是時間的次序,動態凝結陰影。


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