The tranquil surface of the lake and sea serves as a clear divide between the land and water. Serene yet chaotic, it holds the deafening sound of silence.

A surge of dynamic momentum emerges and perforates the placid surface – akin to the peaks of a wave crest, rising in height, pursuing their maximum elevation.

Installation for AETER LOCH 2023 collection
Taipei pop-up concept store
Photo credit: AETER

為台灣設計師品牌 AETER 於2022年在台北舉辦之概念快閃店創作裝置藝術,以 LOCH 謐湖為主題,視覺化皮件精品品牌本質所探究的臨界狀態,一種靜謐而優雅的極致突破。



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